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Artists who use Pencil Blend share their knowledge, hints and tips.




Part of a Pastel painting of a Beech Wood on Pastel Card


Copyright Jacqui Blackman

Many Pencil Artists share their techniques and ways of working using Pencil Blend, from Professional to Hobbyist.

Some offer workshops, some online courses and some video instruction, so plenty to choose from if you are new to using Coloured Pencils.

The Pencil Blend works equally as well with Oil Pastels and Wax Crayons, therefore if mixing the media is the way you prefer to work, then either the Zest-it Pencil Blend or the Zest-it Pencil Blend (Citrus Free) will work successfully.

Hopefully the selection of artists below will give you a start into Colour pencils and pastels.


karen hull portrait
Copyright Karen Hull


Karen Hull

This is an excellent Step by Step Tutorial of a Portrait using Coloured Pencils and Zest-it Solvent (Pencil Blend) 2012

A detailed and in-depth portrait using Pastelmat and a variety of coloured pencil, tells how to blend the pencil for a smooth transition.
There is also a conversion chart if you don't want to use the same pencil but achieve the same colour result.

Karen Hull Art and you will find the tutorial in the 'tutorial and kits' section, good introduction to portrait's, Pastlemat and blending Coloured Pencils. Opens in a new window.

Thank you Karen.


Colin Bradley Art

You have the chance to learn from Colin with his 'Learn for Free' courses, pet portraits, human portraits, landscape, along with other basic hints and tips

You can become a member with online tuition and also buy product from an online shop.

Link opens in a new window Colin Bradley Art


colin bradley tiger pastel
Copyright Colin Bradley

brush blending

Terri Stegmiller brush blending.

This is very informative for anyone wishing to learn how to blend coloured pencil using a brush and she uses a flat chisel  brush. 2012

The link at the end of the video has changed to zest-it.shop for those wishing to buy Internationally or we do have it on sale at  Amazon

Link opens in a new window.

Thank you Terri for your kindness.

Karen Berisford at Step by Step

Another super place for learning, Karen runs workshops, tutorials and has many articles for those wishing to gain extra knowledge.

Karen's works and tuition include coloured pencils, pastel, graphite and acrylic, plenty to choose from.

Good article on the pro's and con's of using Zest-it Pencil Blend

Link opens in a new window  Step by Step Art

step by step
Copyright Karen Berisford

zentangle coloured
Copyright Jane Monk

Zentangle with colour added, by Jane Monk

This Zentangle was inked and then coloured using colour pencils and graphite, well demonstrated and explained, open's in a new window.

From the other side of the world.

Amie Howard of Amie Howard Pet Portraits.

Amie talks about how she was converted to using solvent with her coloured pencils after trying our Zest-it Pencil Blend. This is an in-depth review.

She describes how she found working with a solvent, she also gives lots of tips on the skills and techniques she has learnt about using solvent and pencil.

Thank you Amie

pencil blend review
There is another review by Amie on the Blending Sponge below.

pastelmat and zest-it review
Beautiful Blue-Tit drawing.
Copyright Claudia 

Claudia Sketches
Excellent youtube video of using Coloured Pencils and Zest-it on PastelMat.

An in-depth explanation of how she blends the pencil and how the Zest-it Pencil Blend is used, with lots of helpful hints and tips.

Very truthful comment from Claudia in her replies to the suggestion of using another product -
"... I've heard about it, but I've also heard it's incredibly expensive. Gamsol and Mona Lisa paint thinners are also alternatives I would've investigated if Zest-It didn't work for me, but for me Zest-It is very inexpensive and I can purchase it relatively easily."
Thank you for your kind words Claudia.

Wind and Honey Creations 2011

Have a look at this article by Elizabeth Johnson on using Zest-it with her colour pencils for under-painting and blending.

She describes her way of using with paper stump, tortillion and a brush. Check out her blog on the above link, well worth a visit.

Elizabeth - thank you for your support.


wind and honey creation

blending sponge review

Amie reviews Zest-it Blending Sponge (opens in a new window) for use in her animal portraits, a lot of information with hint and tips on using the Blending Sponge and blending coloured pencils, also about using the Pencil Blend (Citrus Free)

Zest-it tip:- If the sponge gets too dirty, turn it over in the pot, spare sponges available at zest-it.shop


Some years ago I was demonstrating oils at an art show in Leicester, another company I knew well, asked if I could step in to demo Pastels so as not to disappoint the attending audience. The original demonstrator was involved in an accident and couldn't attend.
I hadn't 'done' Pastels in a while, the image was the demo piece I did for the group.
Shame, some people were unhappy I didn't use all the colours in the selection box.

Still, you can't please all the people all the time, I did a landscape the following day and the company who's Pastels I was 'demoing' purchased it - there is usually a silver lining somewhere!

Thank you Graham.

pastel on board
Copyright Jacqui Blackman

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