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pencil blend with different pencils


How does Zest-it Pencil Blend work with different Pencils

zest-it pencil blend

All Coloured Pencils, Colour Stix, Oil Pastels and Coloured Pastels were applied to the watercolour paper in the same way.

The Zest-it Pencil Blend was used to blend each applied pencil area, with a 'just damp' brush.

Each pencil application was treated in the same way and under the same conditions. The images are quite large so that the texture of the pencil on the paper can be seen and the blended area is in full view.

The brush used was a 3/8" Flat, a sable and synthetic mix.


Prismacolor Pencils are excellent quality, their soft core offers superb blending and a wide range of colours.
They have a smooth waxy feel during application and blend very well with Zest-it Pencil Blend.

The colours are clean when blended and can be blended with ease, only a dampened brush needed to blended the colours.


prismacolor violet blue coloured pencil prisma coloured pencils

derwent coloursoft pencilsderwent studio pencil

Derwent Coloursoft are very 'blendable' giving the chance to apply many layers.
The core is of a creamy nature, easy to apply, colours are easy to blend and good strength.

Derwent Studio have a harder core and do not blend as easy as the Coloursoft.

Use a just damp brush, too wet and the studio will lift.

Caran d'Ache Luminance soft and creamy feel when applying, good for numerous layers, with excellent lightfast qualities.

Colours blend well with each other.

Blend well with Pencil Blend and are rich in pigment.

Use a just damp brush, plenty of pencil to blend.

luminance pyrlene brownluminance pencils
derwent pencils tin derwent drawing blended with pencil blend

Derwent Drawing Pencils are soft and waxy in application, rich in pigment and blend well with Pencil Blend.

Good 'blendability' with each other can be layered with ease.

Wider strip/core than many pencils, makes it easy to lay colour for large areas. Use a just damp brush, too wet will flood the colour.

Derwent Lightfast oil based pencil good colour range.

Neocolor 1 are wax oil pastels with a smooth texture, excellent lightfastness and are water resistant.
They blend well and are easy to apply to paper.

These pastels are soft and even a damp brush is quite powerful at moving the laid colour.

The brush marks show where it has moved the pigment. Less is definitely best!


neocolor ultramarineset of neopastels

pitt oil base pencilspit oil based pencil blended sanguine

Pitt Oil Base pencil by Faber Castell are an oil based core that is soft and easy to apply.

The below booklet shows blending these wax oil pastels with solvent!

This will link to a downloadable PDF for using these pencils.PDF and Monochrome

A just damp brush is enough for a single layer.


Artstix by Prismacolor slightly harder in texture then some other pencils but apply cleanly to paper and ar not 'messy' to hold.

Zest-it Pencil Blend makes a good job of blending the applied 'stix' and give back the tooth of the paper. Good pigment load, gives neat lines due to shape and covers large areas.

A just damp brush is all it took to blend the 'stix'


artstix blended with pencil blendset of artstix pencils
Van Gogh by Talens we haven't tried, others have and ZPB works well



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