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how to use the blending sponge

What is the Zest-it® Blending Sponge and how do you use it?

blending sponge with brush
Zest-it Blending Sponge
contains 15 ml of Zest-it
Pencil Blend within the sponge.


The Blending Sponge. This is so popular and useful for controlling the amount of fluid on your brush, tortillion or paper stump, the sponge is damp with Pencil Blend and you only need to touch the tool to the surface to dampen it.

It also saves having open bottles stood around, which are easy to knock over. The sponge holds the fluid like any sponge, the harder you press the more fluid becomes available.

This was originally designed from an idea presented to us from the parchment craft world, oil pastels are often used to colour parchment, then cotton buds to spread the pastel. They wanted an easy way to dispense the fluid


If it gets too dirty from all the pencil colour, some people cut the top off the sponge, some turn it upside-down, another way is....

Take a piece of fine linen or cloth, cut a circle to fit the pot, place on top of the sponge.
The cloth soaks up the fluid and the cloth gets dirty not the sponge!

A piece of blotting paper or filter paper will work in the same way, or even a circle of kitchen towel.

We do sell Replacement Blending Sponges when it gets 'too bad' these can be found in with the Pencil Blend in our


amiereview of blending sponge

Amie Howard has a video
review of our
Blending Sponge
on the below link which
opens in a new window. https://youtu.be/8dyvli_blKQ


Reviews by Feefo, amazon, ebay, trustpiolet

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
It did work for my parchment craft very very well. 2017

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎
Good to have handy, works well. 2017

Rating   ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
Great for small areas that can be "stumped".
Really handy & ideal also when you're on the go. 2018

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
Great for colour blending on Parchment paper. 2018

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
Exactly what I was looking for. 2018

Rating 10 out of 5
Love Zest It! blending sponge.
I love Zest It! It blends pencil easier than the
other mediums I have tried without muddying
the colours or damaging the surface of the paper.
It also has a pleasant orangey smell

Rating 5 stars
I had never used a blending fluid before this so I have nothing to compare it too but I bought some cheap colouring pencils that I was finding difficult to blend. I used Zest it on my page and it smoothed out all the lines and made it look as though I had been colouring in high quality pencils! This stuff is great and it has a nice smell too, huge bottle that will last for a long time, very pleased with my purchase 2018

Rating 5 stars
I saw this while watching someone use it on you tube. Thought I would give it a go. It is amazing, blends my castle art pencils beautifully.
Dont know what I did without it.
Ive tried every blending method i can think of and this beats them all hands down. If your an avid colorist you need this in your arsenal. 2020

Rating 5 stars
Really a must have for beginners and advanced colour pencil artists. Apart from blending the colour pencil it also erases some mistakes, for me there are many. Love it. 2016

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
Really impressed by how easy to use this is, mess and fuss free. 2019

Rating ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎
Does what it says on the tin [bottle] only better. 2018

Brilliant item, does it's job well and smells great too. Just wish the stock was topped up quicker as friends and family have asked where I bought mine from and it always seems to be out of stock as well as the small top up bottle of blender. 2016
Thank you letting us know, we have addressed the situation. Zest-it

Rating 5 stars
Zest-it Blending foam

Rating 5 stars
Just started working with Prismacolor coloured pencils and wanted something to blend the different layers. Found this product recommended and decided to try it. Works very well and dries quickly. I am working on suede board so wasn't sure how the product would affect it but I am still able to add more pencil layers once it has dried. Would recommend this.

Rating 5 stars
I have used this much in card making. I found it blended my wax coloured pencil. Blending lovely gets rid of pencil lines even using on one colour.great product I am so pleased I got it.
Also it blended my colour soft pencil. If you use coloured pencil try it. 2017

Rating 5 stars
Experimenting with oil pastels: not as easy as using water-soluble pencils/pastels, but colours stay brighter. Zest-it much nicer to use than turps or white spirit. 2019

Rating 2 stars
Strong orange smell but it's not unpleasant. I'm not sure if I was using it wrong, but I couldn't get it blend my coloured pencils very well. (Oil based pencils and wax based).2019

Our thanks to all reviewers we have listed for their time in sharing and helping others. The Zest-it Team


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